onstage giving a talk at YP Week

Imposter Syndrome

April 22, 2019

@YP Week by Newaukee, Boss Ladies Breakfast

This talk is about imposter syndrome, shame and doubt. Imposter Syndrome is when you feel you got everything you have through luck, chance and coincidence and not due to your own abilities. More people have it than they'd like to think. If this talk rings true, leave a comment so we all know we're not alone.

onstage giving a talk at YP Week

Follow Your Envy

December 10, 2018

@#IamMKE event by Northwestern Mutual

Envy could use a little destigmatization. Envy is simply the result of recognizing your goals and dreams elsewhere, coming to fruition for someone else. Envy can light a fire under you like nothing else. The only catch is to know which kind of envy to ignore and which to pay attention to.

talking on a panel during Women's Entrepreneurship Week

Working on your Wolfpack

February 5, 2019

@ Women's Entrepreneurship Week

There's no reason to do solopreneurship alone, alpha females. Form a wolfpack instead. This was a hands-on workshop on the importance of accountability meetings, and tips on running them. Six female entrepreneurs who meet up once a month, taught others how to hold each other accountable to their goals, inspire and 'unstick' each other.