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Imposter Syndrome
(The Workbook)

This book is in progress now, and will be self-published. This book is intended to be somewhere between a quick guide and an activity book, a place for self-reflection. Is this book for you? Check out the telltale signs of Imposter Syndrome. →

Book Outline

  1. Welcome to This Shitty Club!
  2. Clearing the Confusion
  3. What’s at the Root?
  4. What Makes it Worse?
  5. What Makes it Better?
  6. How to Overcome it in the Moment
  7. Is This Just Life Now? Does it Go Away?
  8. Further Reading

10 Signs You Have Imposter Syndrome

  1. You "bluffed your way" into or through a job.
  2. Most of the things you've attained were through "sheer dumb luck."
  3. You happened to be "in the right place at the right time."
  4. So far no one seems to have noticed that you are less talented or smart than people think you are.
  5. When others give you praise, you ignore it because they are just being nice or trying to flatter you.
  6. You discount compliments because people don't know the real you or the whole story.
  7. Your successes are not as big a deal as they seem from the outside.
  8. You wouldn't have gotten anywhere without your mentors.
  9. Your wins are largely due to your teammates, and you happen to be reaping the credit.
  10. You sometimes feel like a misfit in your profession or career and you should have done something else.