kate's headshot

Kate Pociask is a digital product designer, meaning anything that has a screen and users. She also does creative direction and culture consulting for agencies and startups. She has been working in design for 10 years, previously holding roles like Creative Director and Art Director at boutique agencies.

Hot tip: Her last name is pronounced [Po-chask].

For the last 4 years, she has been independent. 2 years ago, Kate started leading a small team specializing in design for systems (i.e., large applications or multiple systems that talk to each other).

Kate is trained in brainstorm facilitation, UI/UX (user interface/user experience) and IDEO's method of Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking. Design Thinking is problem solving focusing on empathy, ideation, and experimentation and encourages the invlovement of the group of people who will be using a product, service, or experience.

As a professional, Kate has been recognized for her inquisitiveness and ability to see the big picture. She speaks and writes about the relationship between creativity, productivity, psychology, and mental health.

In her spare time, Kate volunteers as a dog walker and trainer at the Wisconsin Humane Society. She speaks French and dabbles in several other languages. Kate and her partner lived their first mini-life in France in 2018, where they uprooted their life for 3 months as a cultural experiement. Their australian shepherd/border collie came with them, picking up a little French as well.