Kate, her mom, and her grandmother pose for a family portrait by the lake
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Rev Collective

The most ground-shaking forces in my life are female. It’s maddening to watch women of all ages doubt themselves as they are sold short again and again.

My life’s purpose is to inspire others to live life as their most extraordinary self. My female co-founders and I launched Rev Collective as a way to help women and non-binary folks redefine success for themselves and reach their dreams.

Women and Enbies sometimes need help in suspending self-doubt, sustaining confidence and keeping the laser-focus needed to make a clear path to their goals. Society is often dismissive of them, which is reflected in their status, paychecks, the opportunities and connections that come their way. Rev Collective is designed not only a counter to that, but also provide self-care benefits that results from investing in relationships with each other.

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Kate reading a book in Marfa, Texas
Currently Writing

Imposter Syndrome
(the workbook)

Imposter Syndrome is persistent, pervasive self-doubt, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. It's very common in members of marginalized communitites.

The book is a practical guide to heading off the downward spiral of self-doubt and reframing your mindset. It’s for anyone who doesn’t believe in their own self-worth.

Book Outline

  1. Welcome to this Shitty Club
  2. Clearing the Imposter Confusion
  3. What’s at the Root?
  4. What Makes it Worse?
  5. What Makes it Better?
  6. Is This Just Life Now? Does it Go Away?
  7. How to Overcome it in the Moment
  8. Resources